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Thank you for your interest in THE LEADER'S WAY.

The following Application Form will only require 10 minutes of your time and will assist you to consider the challenges you are currently facing as a leader or aspiring leader, and whether THE LEADER'S WAY is the right program for you at this time.

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THE LEADER'S WAY - Full Program - All 3 workshops + fortnightly online learning forums + individual leadership coaching
EXPAND YOUR PERSPECTIVE - July - 2 day workshop
DISCOVER YOUR WAY - November - 2 day workshop
INSPIRE & COACH - March - 2 day workshop

* In what roles do you exercise leadership or influence? (please select all that apply)
I have a peer, consumer or carer leader role (formal or informal, including advocacy, representation or consulting)
I have a team leader or coordinator role
I have a senior management role
I have a role on a Board of Directors (Company) or Management Committee (Incorporated/Unincorporated Association)
I am an entrepreneurial leader (starting or growing my own initiative or business)
I have a role where it is important to exercise leadership and influence with people whom I have no authority over (such as project management)
I have previously held a leadership role, but am not currently in one
I have not been in a leadership role, but I would like to prepare myself for such an opportunity

* What terms describe the sector/s you work or lead in? (please select all that apply)
Mental Health
Community Services

* How many years of experience in leadership roles do you have? (including formal positions and informal roles)
* Thinking about the last 6 months, what have you learnt about being a leader?
* Thinking about the next 12 months, what do you think will be the biggest challenges for you as a leader?
Accessibility - If you have any access requirements in order to participate fully in THE LEADER'S WAY, please note your requests in the space below. We will contact you prior to your first workshop to ensure we understand your needs.
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